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Top 5 reasons to buy FLOOME IT:

1) FUEL CELL SENSOR - the most commonly used technology in law enforcement breathalyzers

2) Without replacing the battery, the device will last up to 10 years by using it once a day

3) It estimates the recovery time to be within the legal limit

4) It allows you to send preset and geo-localized messages to your friends

5) it brings you home by finding the nearest taxi



  1. Accuracy: Floome features the same technology found in the majority of law enforcement breathalysers. 
  2. Recovery time and much more: not just personalized measurements. Thanks to the Floome app you will have an estimate of your recovery time and much more, like the possibility to call the nearest taxi, find the closest place to eat or call one of your trusted friends with just one touch. You will always have the record of your measurements with you.
  3. Always ready: just plug it into your smartphone and you can immediately use it. You will not need to recharge your battery because it's long-lasting, it will not use your smartphone battery, and you can use it whenever you want.
  4. Made in Italy: technology and production are entirely Italian.
  5. Not only Design: lightweight and compact. It fits perfectly in your pocket thanks to its ergonomic shape.

How much have you drank?

Are you sure you can drive?

Floome is an elegant and precise smartphone breathalyzer that, thanks to the dedicated app, will be able to estimate your blood alcohol concentration (“BAC”), allowing you to access a large number of other useful features.

Floome estimates your BAC by returning the result directly to your smartphone. It connects to your smartphone through a standard audio jack, like earphones. How to use it? Connect it to the smartphone, rotate the mouthpiece and blow.

Safety at your fingertips!

Measurement principle

Electrochemical fuel-cell sensor, combined with a vortex whistle flow-meter. 

Measurement interval

BAC from 0.05 to 2.50 g/L. 

Display interval

The display interval matches the measurement interval. If a sample with more than the maximum measurable concentration is introduced, the text “> 2.50 g/L” will be shown. 

Environmental conditions

Operating: 10-40°C, non-condensing humidity between 10 and 90% RH, ambient pressure from 700 to 1200 hPa. Storage: 0-50°C 


The minimum sampled volume is 0.5L and it requires a duration of the blow of at least 2.5 seconds. 


Measurement’s accuracy depends on the measured value: i.e. BAC from 0.00 a 1.00 g/L: ±0.075 g/L; BAC from 1.00 to 2.50 g/L: ±7.5% of displayed value 


Approx. 40 grams


75x50x18 mm (HxWxD) 


The device does not require any external power source. It is equipped, inside, with a battery, which will assure a life of 3000 tests or 10 years, whichever comes first. 


The device chassis is made of an ABS/Polycarbonate blend, which makes it shock resistant, in principle. The mouthpiece is made of a non-toxic solvent-free silicone rubber, suitable for lip contact. 

Floome combines an exquisitely Italian design with an accurate technology, featuring the same sensor found in the majority of law enforcement breathalyzers
Just connect the device to your smartphone through a standard audio jack, without the use of extra batteries!

App Features:
- Measure your BAC
- Share your results with your friends
- Manually enter your alcohol intake
- Set your parameters (weight, height, age, gender)
- Check the diary with historical measurements and notes
- Call a taxi
- Contact a friend
- Look for restaurants
- Calculate your recovery time
- Automatic alcohol limit setting by country

Floome with a spare non-toxic silicone mouthpiece.