Particularly in Italy, breathalyzers are products that are not yet well-known. The way that a reliable breathalyzer works is thus, still somewhat of a mystery.

A breathalyzer is a device that allows for measuring blood alcohol levels by measuring the concentration of ethanol found in exhaled breath.

There are various types of breathalyzers; below, we will analyze how portable breathalyzers work, and which may be considered reliable.

In this article, we have also analyzed the in-depth reasons for selecting a breathalyzer with a Fuel Cell sensor, since, as you might have already guessed, the only reliable portable breathalyzers are those that use fuel cell sensors.

When we drink an alcoholic beverage, the alcohol ingested is absorbed by the mouth, throat, and later by the intestine, to then reach the blood.

While blood travel through the lungs, a fraction of the blood alcohol content reaches the alveoli, then becoming volatile. The alveolar area, or the area close to the alveoli, is actually the last portion of air exhaled during an alcohol level test.

The concentration of alcohol contained in alveolar air is closely linked to blood alcohol concentration levels. Thanks to this relationship, it is possible to breathe into an accurate breathalyzer to measure blood alcohol level, thus avoiding blood specimen collection and a subsequent test.

How does a fuel cell breathalyzer work?

A fuel cell breathalyzer typically consists of two basic elements: a sampling chamber and the sensor.

The sampling chamber is a device that collects air channeled from exhaled breath during testing. In traditional breathalyzers, this chamber collects a certain amount of air, and then injects it towards the sensor that will perform the measurement of its values.

On the other hand, FLOOME products use a revolutionary method that replaces the sampling chamber, which allows the user to blow into the device for a shorter period of time and to never have to recharge the device, because our technology does not require a large battery. In addition, thanks to the results yielded by our research, we can offer our customers lower prices than other devices with the same accuracy .

The fuel cell sensor consists of a porous layer containing an electrolyte that is very sensitive only to ethanol.

This layer is then inserted between two platinum levels that act as electrolytes.

The alveolar air is channeled into the porous layer, and the ethanol contained in the latter, allows the electrolyte to oxidize.

During oxidation, acetic acid, protons, and electrons are created.

This current, has a value strictly linked to the blood alcohol level, and is accurately measured and processed by the microprocessor.

A reliable breathalyzer, thus uses the latter technology, and the difference in performance is simply due to the method by which this type of testing is implemented .

The products offered by FLOOME can absolutely be deemed to fall within this category.