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Platinum Fuel Cell Sensor

FLOOME uses a Platinum Fuel Cell sensor, the most commonly used sensor in Law Enforcement, to provide a reliable and accurate result.

How does it work? The Platinum Fuel Cell sensor converts the alcohol breath into an electrical signal, without losing a molecule. By elaborating this signal and combining it with data coming from Vortex Whistle, it is possible to accurately estimate the alcohol concentration in the breath and consequently in the blood.

Collaboration with the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Padova has allowed us to validate the FLOOME test protocol and to carry out separate tests. Results have showed that FLOOME has fulfilled our promises in terms of reliability and accuracy.


To accurately measure the blood alcohol concentration level, FLOOME must precisely calculate the total amount of exhaled air. That’s why a Vortex Whistle Sensor was installed, reinvented to fit a breathalyzer. By converting the airflow in a musical note, it is able to accurately measure the intensity of breath.

Platinum Fuel Cell

The technology found in the majority of law enforcement breathalyzers, to provide a reliable estimate.

BACguard estimates the recovery time

Based on the most recent scientific literature available on the subject, and internally developed tests, an algorithm was developed to estimate the alcohol disposal speed based on the physical parameters of our body such as weight, height, and age. Thus FLOOME’s application can provide the time required to dispose sufficient alcohol to return within the limits of driving.


We considered the design together with the technical features of FLOOME, so you will proudly carry FLOOME with you and have fun safely!

The accuracy of breathalyzers:

Not all breathalyzers on the market provide the same degree of accuracy in the measurement of blood alcohol concentration. The only way to get a 100% reliable result is through blood analysis.

Breathalyzers can only report an estimate. The level of accuracy of a breathalyzer depends on the type of sensor that is installed.

FLOOME breathalyzer uses a Fuel Cell sensor. As you can see from the graph above, it is the closest to those same technology used by law enforcement.

Thousands of laboratory tests every year

We want to make the roads safer, one breath at a time. For this reason, FLOOME engineers conduct thousands of laboratory tests each year to ensure the utmost effectiveness and quality of your breathalyzer.