With FLOOME, your smartphone becomes a reliable breathalyzer!

How to use FLOOME


Blow into FLOOME

Connect FLOOME to your smartphone and blow!


Wait for the result

FLOOME will estimate your blood alcohol content and tell you if you are under the legal limit based on laws in your location.


Make a smart decision

Are you over the limit? No problem, call a taxi, a friend to come pick you up or find a place to eat while you sober up. The choice is yours!

Not just a simple breathalyzer: technology and design at your service

Platinum Fuel Cell Sensor
The same sensor technology found in the majority of law enforcement breathalyzers.

Estimate the recovery time with the BACguard algorithm
Find out how much time you require to dispose the ingested alcohol and return below the legal limit.

Designed and Made in Italy
Elegant and light, you hardly know it’s with you.

Battery that does not have to recharge
FLOOME does not need to be recharged,
Always at your side. You do not need to replace the battery and it does not use your smartphone energy

Finds you a lift
With FLOOME it's easy to find a way home: you can call a taxi or even your best friend

BACguard Algorithm

BACguard is a FLOOME feature that estimates how much time is required for your BAC to return below the legal limit. BACguard is an algorithm created by the FLOOME Team to help you understand how your body reacts to blood alcohol concentration and let help you make smarter choices when you drink.

BACguard technology uses your physical characteristics, estimates fat and lean mass and along with the blood alcohol concentration found, the app provides you with the estimated time required for your BAC to return below the legal limit. Once this time passes, the application will send you a notification that will invite you to perform a new test.

A whole new way to drink and get informed.

How to use FLOOME

Using FLOOME with your smartphone is easy and fast, and the results is are immediate!

FLOOME has already helped make more than 1,000,000 smart choices

Join the community of over 20,000 people around the world using FLOOME every day!

Designed and made in Italy

FLOOME combines Italian design with the same reliable technology used in law enforcement breathalyzers.