Breathalyzer Recalibration

Our laboratory performs recalibration to ensure that your FLOOME can provide you measurements with high accuracy. Find out all of the details to recalibrate your breathalyzer.

Why a breathalyzer

Have you ever wondered why carrying a breathalyzer can help prevent poor decisions that can have a crucial outcome? Here are the reasons you may not have thought of.

How does a breathalyzer work

The breathalyzer is a tool that allows you to estimate the alcoholic blood content by measuring the concentration of ethanol exhaled. How it works?


Platinum Fuel Cell, Vortex Technology, BACguard Algorithm and thousands of lab tests: that’s what makes FLOOME reliability.


How does a breathalyzer work?

How does a breathalyzer work?

Particularly in Italy, breathalyzers are products that are not yet well-known. The way that a reliable breathalyzer works is thus, still somewhat of a mystery. A breathalyzer is a device that allows for measuring blood alcohol levels by measuring the concentration of...

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