Recalibration of your breathalyzer

To ensure that your FLOOME is always performing smoothly and provides measurements with the same high accuracy, we recommend that you recalibrate your FLOOME after about 500 tests and no later than 12 months after your first use.

The recalibration process is very important and can only be performed by FLOOME technicians.

During the recalibration process, a new complete test of the equipment is executed.

Moreover, the sensitivity of the instrument is measured several times, and corrected so that the measurement matches exactly with the standard sample held in FLOOME laboratories.

Recalibration benefits

Breathalyzers are very sophisticated measuring instruments and based on advanced chemical processes. For this reason they need constant maintenance over time to continuously function at peak performance.


When to request recalibration

We recommend that you recalibrate your FLOOME after about 500 tests and in any case not later than 12 months after your first use.

Frequently asked questions about FLOOME recalibration

How long does it take to recalibrate my FLOOME?

Once we receive your FLOOME, our technicians will need up to 5 business days to recalibrate, and up to 3 business days for ship it back. A total of 6-8 working days.

Can I recalibrate FLOOME on my own?

No, we are sorry. To ensure the proper function of our breathalyzers, it is essential that the calibration process is carried out in FLOOME laboratories and with our technical equipment. Furthermore, the reference standard sample kept in our laboratories is indispensable for the recalibration process.

What are the consequences if I do not regularly recalibrate?

A FLOOME breathalyzer not subject to periodic recalibration may result in inaccurate and unreliable results.

Is the recalibration included in the product warranty?

No. The FLOOME warranty covers only any defects in the product and does not include ordinary maintenance activities such as recalibration.