FLOOME® by 2045Tech.

We work with passion every day to create solutions that improve daily life through technology and a unique user experience.


FLOOME will help us accomplish our mission: Reduce driving under the influence one breath at a time.

To achieve this, we offer FLOOME to individuals as well as a broad range of companies from insurance to transportation.

Our journey


The start

FLOOME’s concept begins and so its design. Fabio Penzo keep studying fluid dynamics and decide to employ the Vortex technology, a new, innovative way to conceive a breathalyzer


The Team

The development team keeps working hard, and the new website explains the features of FLOOME. Although still a project on paper, the idea is worth it, and it is rewarded with the Cool Idea Awards that allows to accelerate projects by transforming an idea into a real product. Luca gets involved and brings to the project his knowledge and expertise.


CES Las Vegas

The product is launched at the CES in Las Vegas: it is a huge success, everyone wants to see and try FLOOME, and the very same staff of the event comes to congratulate our team for the great job




In September, also thanks to a collaboration with Vodafone, FLOOME is released into the Italian market. Tiziano Busin and Andrea Ghello, entrepreneurs, and business angels, join the company to support the team from an economic and financial point of view.


Shark Tank

The FLOOME team lands on TV on the program Shark Tank.

shark tank


The growth

FLOOME is present in 36 countries with 20,000 users who actively use the solution that helps them take smart decisions. Meanwhile, the R&D team continues to improve the product: FLOOMEIT’s design begins.


2nd Round

Axa Strategic Ventures and Invitalia Ventures decide to invest in 2045 Tech by strongly believing in FLOOME and its positive impact on society.



The constant research and improvements have pushed FLOOME’s technological evolution to provide the user with a greater precision, and repeatability of the tests. FLOOME IT is conceived after these steps forward combined with an even more appealing design that recalls the success of the first device.

Moto GP™

FLOOME collaborates with the prestigious partner Moto GP™


Next step

The team, will continue enriching the project with new ideas, new products and new services aimed at improving the user experience.

Make the world’s roads safer one breath at a time